Pockie Pirates News

pockie pirates legion fights chapter 13
The One Piece-inspired MMORPG treads more contentious waters with the release of port ownership and intense legion fights. NGames has announced the new weekly Seizing Island Legion Fight mode for Pockie Pirates which was activated with the release of the game's Chapter 13 update. Every Friday from now at 20:300 (UTC -6), pirates can engage epic battles to seize control of all the trade ports along the Grand Line. Prepare for a ruthless challeng...
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Nov 04 2013
pockie pirates new character designs
It's makeover time for old characters in Pockie Pirates with updated designs and fresh fashion wardrobes. Key characters such as Luffy, Zoro, Nami and Chopper will receive the updated character designs. They will also get stylish new costumes. Protagonist pirate Luffy switches it up to a more formal get-up from his vest and shorts to a knee-length coat. Zoro proudly shows off his new left eye scar. Meanwhile, Chopper takes the form of a cute l...
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Aug 04 2013
pockie pirates first anniversary updates rewards
Pockie Pirates celebrates its first anniversary with all-out fan service. The Pockie Pirates first anniversary festivities will be marked by the roll-out of two new maps and a level cap increase to 140. The new maps will be Islands: Marine Ford and Thriller Bark which mmo publisher Game321.com describes as "both spectacular and treacherous." Both maps located in the Grand Line will introduce new monsters and challenges that should make the tre...
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Jul 08 2013
pockie pirates chapter 7 march
NGames previews the first-known details about the upcoming update for the One Piece-inspired free to play mmo launching in “late March”. The Chapter 7 update introduces a deluge of new content that will come crashing down to Pockie Pirates. This includes new Underwater Treasure, which are rare items that players can dive for under the seas of the free no download mmorpg. Players can also learn new cooking techniques that imbue its eater with pow...
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Mar 22 2013
pockie pirates chapter 5 straw hat
November’s Chapter 5 update introduces the magical Straw Hat Pirates to the pirate-themed mmorpg. The update also raises the Pockie Pirates level cap to 130, and adds powerful new gear for level 120+ pirates, including the Blackmoon Series of costumes and weapons, according to the browser game’s creator Game321. Chapter 5 also unveils two new maps for pirates to explore – Long Island and Water – which “promise tough challenges, all new dungeons...
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Nov 05 2012
pockie pirates beloved mr 2
Being in open beta did not stop Pockie Pirates from anchoring its first major update titled “Chapter II: Beloved Mr.2” which gives players freedom to take on the skin of their favorite pirate crew. Launched on July 26, this new update for the side-scrolling pirate MMO was named after Mr. 2 Bon Kurei, also known as Bentham in the popular manga One Piece, infamous for his cross-dressing and ability to transform into anyone he has touched. In the ...
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Jul 27 2012
pockie pirates chapter 3 schibukai
The strongest tournament gladiators will win seats in the newly established player-led government of Pockie Pirates as the MMORPG rolls out its new content update, Chapter 3: Royal Seven. This new chapter for Pockie Pirates will launch in “early September,” said developer NGames in a release. Not only will it introduce exciting power struggles with the new Schibukai system, it will also usher in new All Blue adventures and major gameplay optimiz...
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Sep 03 2012