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  • Pockie Pirates: class

    Pockie Pirates: class
    Pick from one of 4 classes. Lets start with the high damage sniper....
    Pockie Pirates: class

    Pockie Pirates: quest

    Pockie Pirates: quest
    Quests guide you through content and the quest log will auto track you to your destination....
    Pockie Pirates: quest

    Pockie Pirates: crawl

    Pockie Pirates: crawl
    When 'dungeon crawling' pick from the area where your quest is taking you....
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    Pockie Pirates: combat

    Pockie Pirates: combat
    Combat is turn based. You do not control the action but do dictate which abilities your character has in his or her arsenal....
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Pockie Pirates Gameplay

Pockie Pirates Gameplay

Pockie Pirates is a free no download mmorpg from NGames where you set out to sail with a pirate crew in search of strategy adventures and legendary treasures. Pockie Pirates is inspired by the One Piece anime, and just like its source material, your pirate captain yearns to explore the vast waters and will have to recruit crewmates one by one to help him battle through the dangers of the seas. When creating a character in Pockie Pirates, you can pick from four playable classes – the healer and support bit Doctor, the physically weak but magically powerful Navigator, the close combat specialist Great Swordsman and the fast, long-range Sniper. Once you’ve chosen a class, you can start taking on quests that will build up your starting character, crew ranks and equipment stash. There are five kinds of quests available for you and your pirate crew can take on – there is the main quest, side quest, daily task, plot instancing quest and daily event. All these will gain you experience points and unique gear to be divided between your crewmates.

Each crewmate in Pockie Pirates can equip up to six gear items. Some of these are obtained after collecting a number of shards from completed campaigns. Developers have said that this is an easier way to dole out gear instead of the traditional random loot drop used in most free MMO games. Aside from slapping your crewmates with increasingly powerful gear, you can improve their combat skills by distributing a limited number of skill points earned while gaining experience. It is up to you how to divide these skill points – you can focus on a few core powerful crew mates to form a sort of A team, or balance out the crew so you can rotate them in and out without having a weak link. You also have to consider that ever more power crewmates can be recruited as you rise in level. The Pockie Pirates map is divided into four regions – the East Blue Bar, the South Blue Bar, the West Blue Bar, and the North Blue Bar. You will progress through these sections in that specific order, with monsters and sailor rising in levels from the starting East Blue Bar region to the endgame West Blue Bar.

Among the available free Browser Games, Pockie Pirates offers a unique cash shop program. You can spend store-bought Gold currency to improve your VIP level, which will give you account advantages such as training slot unlocks,  bonus statistics and extra features for your crewmates. Thousands of players though play Pockie Pirates on a free basis and can survive just fine even without these paid perks.

By Rachel Rosen


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