Pockie Ninja creators announce new web rpg Tales of Laputa

By Michael Jamias
pockie ninja creators announce tales of laputa

Pockie Ninja developer NGames gives a teaser briefing on the new anime world it is bringing to life for mmorpg games fans.

Tales of Laputa, which is set for release in 2013, will combine rpg gameplay with classic anime elements, said NGames, reminiscent of its trademark Pockie Ninja game.

The new browser mmo will take place in a world “where magic and machinery coexist and the threat of demonic invasions is an ever-present danger.”

While the premise is not something that’s been done before, there are slight twists to the lore. For one, the demons once ruled the Tales of Laputa world from the skies. Demons are often associated as underground-dwelling abominations who lurk in the shadows and abyss, but NGames painted them instead as dominating overlords who preferred the heavens for its “clean air, sunshine and endless energy.”

The humans though find a way of overthrowing the demons and regaining their freedom. After several centuries, a new threat emerges which is where players will come in to come to protect the world at all costs.

NGames has yet to reveal gameplay details for Tales of Laputa, but fans are speculating that it could use a similar engine and mechanics as its previous games, particularly its most popular ones -- Pockie Ninja and Pockie Pirates.


Pockie Ninja comments:

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