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  • Pockie Ninja: Quests

    Pockie Ninja: Quests
    Doing quests rewards you with xp and stones which you can use to buy items or skip through fights....
    Pockie Ninja: Quests

    Pockie Ninja: fight

    Pockie Ninja: fight
    Once you get into fight attacks are automated you can put additional skills in skill menu in order for your ninja to use them....
    Pockie Ninja: fight

    Pockie Ninja: item mall

    Pockie Ninja: item mall
    You can shop in item mall using coins, gold coins, or stones depending on items you are buying....
    Pockie Ninja: item mall

    Pockie Ninja: jars

    Pockie Ninja: jars
    Challenging other players to fight in arena grants your higher rank and opertunity to open better jars....
    Pockie Ninja: jars

Pockie Ninja is a manga inspired, anime style, free to play MMORPG that can be played directly through your browser. The graphics in Pockie Ninja are easily one of the games best attributes, taking its inspiration from hundreds of years of manga style and art, manga fans are sure to feel right at home.

Pockie Ninja breaks the typical class restrictions of the common MMORPG game as players are free to explore all available classes in the game, without ever having to commit to one permanently. The classless system is made possible by the games Ninjitsu skills, a group of 10 different abilities that all feature at least 5 sub skills. Players can choose to invest heavily into one particular skill set or they can branch out and use a multitude of the skills.

Pockie Ninja features a highly addictive, unique, event based PvP system available to players of all levels. Firstly there's the World Tournament. The tournament is set up in a knockout style, with 16 players beginning the contest, progressing through the quarter finals and eventually to the final. The player that emerges victorious from the final gets some great rewards, as well as server-wide recognition. An interesting aspect to the World Tournament system is that players are able to bet on each match with in-game currency, creating a great side game that allows players to get rich from the victories in the tournament, even if they're not participating themselves. The second aspect of the event based PvP is the National League, the league is separated into 4 different divisions based on the characters accumulated PvP score. The main aim of these tournaments are the rewards, unique trophies that cannot be found anywhere else in-game. These trophies can be used with Pockie Ninja's synthesis system that allows you to combine various items to make a much stronger one.

Combining classless character progression with a highly popular PvP system, all rolled up in highly detailed manga setting, Pockie Ninja is one of the most appealing browser based MMO games available.

By Rachel Rosen


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