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  • Pockie Defense: Story

    Pockie Defense: Story
    The game comes with an interesting story that is a twist of little red riding hood....
    Pockie Defense: Story

    Pockie Defense: win

    Pockie Defense: win
    Every time you win a wave you will earn exp and other rewards....
    Pockie Defense: win

    Pockie Defense: battles

    Pockie Defense: battles
    Each battle gets a little harder the more you play it....
    Pockie Defense: battles

    Pockie Defense: graphics

    Pockie Defense: graphics
    Graphics are cartoon based with some interesting art work and character designs....
    Pockie Defense: graphics

Pockie Defense Gameplay First Look - HD

Pockie Defense Gameplay First Look - HD

Fairy tales come to life in Pockie Defense, the new browser mmo developed by NGames. This game combines roleplaying and tactical elements into the tower defense genre. Set within the familiar fairy tales that we've all grown up with, this browser game features players battling it out against a dark witch and her monster minions. It appears that the dark witch came upon the fairy tale land where she then transformed the kindly residents into monster troops that she then used to subjugate the land. It is up to the players to enter this dark fairy tale and defeat the dark witch and her minions by building different defensive towers.

What sets Pockie Defense apart is the fairy tale setting itself. Players can partner with many famous characters out of Grimm's fairy tales and other works of fiction within this mmorts. Some of these partners include Snow White, Peter Pan, Red Riding Hood, and Pinocchio. There are four different classes overall in this game: warrior, gunner, mage, and sage. The warrior is a single physical attack with fast speed and wide attack range while the gunner is a physical AoE attack that has slow speed but a strong killing ability. The mage uses a magical physical attack that has a wide attack range and fast speed and can also be used to slow enemies down. The sage uses a magical AoE attack that has a strong killing ability and can be upgraded to a flame tower. Each character also has a number of equipment slots (weapon, helmet, suit, etc.) that enhances their abilities. Each character also has a variety of skills available to them. Characters can be trained up over time to become more powerful.

As a tower defense game, Pockie Defense has players engaging constantly in battles. Before the battle begins, the player is able to arrange their defensive system and place towers at building points. During the battle, players can use their character's skills to impact the battle and turn the tide. There are different types of towers that the player can construct depending upon the strategy needed.

Like other browser games, Pockie Defense has multiple difficulty settings. Each instance on the world map can be played in normal or hard. In normal mode, each stage has twenty waves and a boss stage every ten waves. Elite mode is harder than normal mode and features four settings: normal, intensive, nightmare, and abyss. The harder the difficulty, the greater the rewards. Players can also gain rewards by completing quests, exploring, or undertaking daily tasks. While a story does unfold as the player progresses, he can square off against other players for a truly challenging experience.

Pockie Defense is a truly unique tower defense game as characters spring to life from the fairy tales that we've all grown up with. Will you be the one to defeat the dark witch and bring peace back to the land?

By Jeff Francis


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