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  • Pit of War: Gladiators

    Pit of War: Gladiators
    Choose from one of three unique gladiators, every gladiator has a unique skill tree and story....
    Pit of War: Gladiators

    Pit of War: Inventory

    Pit of War: Inventory
    Make your gladiator more powerful with different grades of weapons and armor....
    Pit of War: Inventory

    Pit of War: Skills

    Pit of War: Skills
    Each gladiator has a unique skill tree that can be customized to your play style....
    Pit of War: Skills

    Pit of War: Combat

    Pit of War: Combat
    Your gear, level and variable usage will determine how well you do in battle, no animations exist except imagery and descriptions....
    Pit of War: Combat


Pit of War, developed and published by Outcast Games, is a fantasy free to play MMO where players train gladiators for arena fights. The game world is known as the Great Realm. It’s a cruel world and the greatest entertainment is to watch gladiators fighting to death. The battleground is called the Pit. This is the arena where Pit of War players will send their gladiators to fight against each other. Pit of War players are also called masters. Each master is in charge of a gladiator school. Gladiators are actually slaves bought from the slave market and trained to become fierce fighters. There are different types of Pit of War gladiators.

Players have to select one of the 3 specializations for their Pit of War gladiators. The 3 Pit of War training paths are: rage, war and theatrics. Rage gladiators have good offense and become berserkers on the battlefield. They hack and slash opponents and have little concern for their own lives. Rage gladiators live to fight in the Pit of War arena. War gladiators are the opposite of rage gladiators. They are trained Pit of War soldiers. People of the Great Realm often call them elite warriors. A squad of elite warriors is a powerful army. War gladiators are disciplined, experienced and skilled. Their excellent weapon technique allows them to master powerful weapons. The third Pit of War browser MMO gladiator specialization is theatrics. These fighters are true showmen that mix combat with spectacular moves. Theatric gladiators like to play with their opponents. They taunt and annoy the targets and finish them off with creative methods. Because they like to put on a good show, theatric gladiators will often wear flashy outfits and most unique weapons. Gladiator masters (Pit of War players) visit the slave market to buy slaves to be trained as gladiators but also to sell their own fighters.

There are Pit of War facilities that help players transform newly bough slaves into fighters ready for arena. A gladiator stable is the building that houses a player’s gladiators. Stables can be upgraded to allow room for more gladiators. The blacksmith sells weapons and armor. Potions, weapon poisons and unique items are bought from the Pit of War black market. Before arena fights gladiators receive blessings from the temple. Pit of War is one of the free browser games with no PvE content. Pit of War arena is the place for PvP fights between Pit of War players. The matchmaking system looks for players with the same rating. Players can check Pit of War leaderboards to see their performance. Pit of War is a very competitive game.

By Rachel Rosen

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