Pirate Storm Whips Up New Guild Islands System

By Michael Jamias
pirate storm guild islands

Pirate Storm has ratcheted up the rivalry in the cutthroat browser mmo, allowing players acquire guild islands. Pirate Storm guilds will also be able to hoist improvements to their newly captured territories to thwart would-be raiders .

“With the updated guild islands system, members can build, upgrade, and fortify defenses to protect their might fortress,” said developer Bigpoint in a release.

But even the strongest fortifications might not be enough to keep invaders at bay, who are gunning for valuable Raid Points for each successful island capture. Bigpoint said the top 10 ranking guilds in the no download mmorpg will unlock still-unnamed special rewards.

The new and improved guild islands system adds another incentive for Pirate Storm players to group up and form guilds. Players were already granted team benefits for joining guilds, including upgrade abilities and vendor discounts on merchandise and repairs. Now guilds will have an exciting new reason to work together and become the most feared pirate gang.

“With the addition of guild islands and guild zones, we’ve thought of unique ways to add flare to ordinary guild configurations,” said Philip Hufen, MMO Producer, Bigpoint.  “Players will experience a greater sense of union and engagement with their comrades, each fulfilling a duty amongst a number of responsibilities, and strengthening the guild connection to defeat their foes!”


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