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  • Pirate Quest: train

    Pirate Quest: train
    As you level up, train your stats. Let's focus on strength for now....
    Pirate Quest: train

    Pirate Quest: city

    Pirate Quest: city
    The city is the hub of most activity. You can fight, explore, trade and gample for starters....
    Pirate Quest: city

    Pirate Quest: treasure

    Pirate Quest: treasure
    Do you have a treasure chest key? Spend some of your points to open a chest and get new gear. This shirt was worth about 10 times ...
    Pirate Quest: treasure

    Pirate Quest: fight

    Pirate Quest: fight
    Fights are turn based and out of your control. Challenge another pirate and wait for the results....
    Pirate Quest: fight

Pirate Quest is a pirate themed, browser based free MMORPG game available on the Pixabit gaming portal. Players take on the role of a fearless pirate in Pirate Quest, with the aim of exploring the high seas and plundering everything they come across. Pirate Quest is unique among browser games as it combines both a text based experience with high quality images.

Pirate Quest includes a great tutorial feature for new players called the Pirate Academy. Inside the Pirate Academy are a number of topic specific huts. Players can enter any of the huts whenever they wish, with each hut explaining different aspects of the game. The tutorial system teaches players every aspect of the game, from the basics of your Pirate Quest profile, to the in-depth mechanics of late game features. This extensive tutorial means there's always a valuable source there for players, whenever they need it.

Another innovate feature of Pirate Quest is the dungeon and hospital system. As there's a large amount of PvP available in the game, the dungeon and hospital system serve as punishment for both victory and defeat. If you're defeated by another player and suffer a heavy loss, your pirate will be moved into the hospital, this restricts certain actions and activities until you're fully recovered. If you're such a formidable pirate and you plunder player after player, you run the risk of getting caught and thrown in the dungeons, the dungeons have the same effect as the hospital although the duration varies.

The majority of Pirate Quest is energy based, meaning each action requires a certain amount of energy. Energy replenishes automatically over time but you can also purchase certain items that give it a boost. Training is a large part of the energy system, this is where you can totally customize the attributes and progression of your pirate, selecting from various stats such as strength and HP. If you want to become a feared pirate across all the oceans, you'll have to invest a lot of energy into improving and upgrading your pirates stats and abilities.

By Rachel Rosen

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