Panzer General Online marches to closed beta

By Michael Jamias
panzer general online closed beta

Put your military cap on and plan for tactical domination in the newly launched Panzer General Online closed beta.

Ubisoft is handing out closed beta keys to anyone keen on trying out the free military MMO based on the monumental battles that defined World War II.

To enter the Panzer General Online closed beta, you just need to create an account and register at the official website at

If you're a long-time series fan, go play Panzer General Online with an open mind. This latest installment to the series still pays tribute to many of the core tactical principles that has made the series a standout, but it also gambles on several innovations, particularly in the trading card system and multiplayer modes.

You can still take on the full single-player campaign if ever you feel overwhelmed by the intense multiplayer modes. The single-player missions will hone your strategic skills against the computer AI in preparation for the more punishing PvP opponents.

Army customization is at the heart of the challenge in Panzer General Online, and those who hope to rise through the leader boards will need to pick the right units, deploy and control them efficiently across the battlefield, and basically outsmart the rival general.

Panzer General online is a free mmorpg no download required.


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