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panzer general online beta
Last summer, heads turned as Ubisoft announced that they'd be rekindling the classic, military strategy sim franchise, Panzer General, to create a browser mmo game. Panzer General Online combines the turn based strategy system of its ancestors with the mechanics and setpieces of a competitive card game, taking inspiration from other tabletop style games along the way.The mmo places you as a commander of your own battalions; calling on you to...
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May 12 2014
panzer general online closed beta
Put your military cap on and plan for tactical domination in the newly launched Panzer General Online closed beta. Ubisoft is handing out closed beta keys to anyone keen on trying out the free military MMO based on the monumental battles that defined World War II. To enter the Panzer General Online closed beta, you just need to create an account and register at the official website at If you're a long-time series fan, go...
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Sep 19 2013