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    Online Tennis Manager: training
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    Online Tennis Manager: tournaments
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Online Tennis Manager is a free browser mmo, developed and published by indie developer Matthias Rosenthaler. Tennis enthusiasts get to experience Online Tennis Manager as pro tennis players. Online Tennis Manager has all sorts of tournaments and multiplayer modes. Online Tennis Manager requires no download. Gamers can start their career as tennis players in just a few minutes. There are 3 available options when creating a tennis player profile: allrounder, baseline player and serve and volley player. These 3 are tennis techniques and styles used by players. In general, baseline players are more close to the backcourt than the net. Serve and volley players will stay closer to the net. Allrounders are a mix between baseline and volley.

Online Tennis Manager mmo players need several skills to win matches and become top ranked players. Tennis players need to pay attention to: forehand and backhand, forehand and backhand volley, serve, quickness, hitting precision, hitting hardness, cleverness, condition, motivation and match practice. Each skill is important and will influence a specific gameplay feature. Online Tennis Manager skills will determine a player’s performance on different terrain types. Forehand and backhand are important for: hardcourt and sand. Forehand and backhand volley are important at the net and for lawn and carpet. The serve is the game opening and counts for: hardcourt, lawn and carpet. Quickness is a player’s ability to react in time. Quickness is important when playing on sand. Hitting precision reflects player accuracy when hitting the ball. This skill is important for matches played on sand and hardcourt. Hitting hardness is about how difficult is for your opponent to hit the ball you serve. Players need to prioritize this skill when playing on lawn, carpet or hardcourt. Cleverness is a tactical skill important on sand. The condition stat affects players performance. After each game, players lose 2 condition points. It’s important not to let condition drop below 40. If a game is lost, players also lose motivation. Match practice drops down if players have inactive days.

Players can improve their skills by working with Online Tennis Manager trainers. The fitness trainer will give you 5% more condition. The motivation artist boosts your confidence and motivation. The clay specialist can help players with speed and intelligence. When training with a hardcourt specialist, players gain backhand and stroke severity. If you want to improve your volley training, a grass specialist can help you. Players can check out Online Tennis Manager free mmo calendar for tournaments. Those who want to take part in Online Tennis Manager tournaments must register 2 weeks before the starting date.

By Rachel Rosen

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