Decade-old OGame now free to download for iPad

By Michael Jamias
ogame ipad app

To celebrate its tenth anniversary, the long-running space strategy browser game has expanded to mobile.

The OGame iPad app can be downloaded for free via the iTunes store, and will have new features exclusive to the mobile version such as the galaxy view. The fleet menu and fleet movements have also been optimized for the iPad, while the game’s buttons and selection menus were reworked following a "clear and intuitive operational concept."

Both browser and mobile versions of OGame can compete with each other. Fans of the browser mmo can challenge the new wave of iPad space heroes, and vice versa with a simple registration process.

The iPad app is 12.5MB, requires iOS 4.3 or later to run, and is available in four languages: English, German, Northern Sami and Spanish. For iPhone owners, there is no confirmation yet on whether this long-running tactical mmorpg will come to the device, although we believe it is not that big of leap technology-wise.

Developer Gameforge will also reward early iPad app adopters with exclusive information on the OGame’s ten-year anniversary and the events that will rolling out soon. This will be unlocked once gamers register using the iPad app.


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