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  • OGame: resources

    OGame: resources
    OGame is a browser based strategy game. As usual, the first thing we need to do is build up our production. Let's start with a Sol...
    OGame: resources

    OGame: homeworld

    OGame: homeworld
    The facilities page shows what is on our planet and what is being worked on. Our metal mine should be ready in 51 seconds....
    OGame: homeworld

    OGame: research

    OGame: research
    After our university is finished, we can start researching technology. Here is a glimpse at the tech tree that will be available s...
    OGame: research

    OGame: shipyard

    OGame: shipyard
    And what is a strategy game without troops? At the shipyard we can build civilian and military ships. Do we want to take over the ...
    OGame: shipyard

OGame is a science fiction, space themed MMORTS title available to play on the Game Forge MMO portal. Like many of the other Game Forge MMORTS games, OGame is totally free and can be played in your browser, without the need of a time consuming client download.

OGame doesn't just give you a small colony to improve and upgrade, instead you're given an entire planet to use in your conquest of the vast universe. OGame takes a different graphical approach to the common RTS games, focusing more on UI interaction and highly detailed images over that of real-time graphics. In a huge universe filled with thousands of players, you will have to optimize every area of your planet in order to stay alive. This is done by collecting a large numbers of resources that include Metal, Crystal, Deuterium, Solar and Fusion. Each resource requires a different building, and each building can be upgraded to increase your resource gain.  

There are 2 main types of ship OGame, Combat and Commercial. There are 8 combat ships in total varying from Light Fighter's to the massively intimidating Deathstar. Each combat ship requires a vast amount of resources to build but they're the best units to use in your attempt to conquer the galaxy. The Commercial ships are used for other activities outside of combat, such as building trade routes with other players or transporting cargo between your planets.

As well as managing your base and building your army, you must also balance your staff. There are a number of staff positions that need filling such as Fleet Commander and Engineer. Each staff position can be filled using a variety of different staff members, all of which are skilled in certain areas. However, they can be expensive as they require regular pay and maintenance, giving players the choice of sacrificing resources for staff or focusing on building their armada of deadly ships.

The unique design for the various systems gives OGame a very fresh approach to the MMORTS genre, including features that all MMORTS fans will be familiar with, and those that are more innovative to the industry. OGame is setting up to be a great browser-based MMORTS game.

By Rachel Rosen


Decade-old OGame now free to download for iPad

To celebrate its tenth anniversary, the long-running space strategy browser game has expanded to mobile. The OGame iPad app can b...
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