Odin Quest heads West

By Tam Mageean
odin quest west

Gamebox has had a lot of Western success with its provision of Norse Mythology based Adventure RPG, Wartune. Inspired by this, they have added another Norse ARPG to its arsenal in the form of Dragonsmeet's Odin Quest.

Gamebox is a Western MMO operator, providing North America and Europe with dedicated servers for popular free to play games, improving their overall coverage and accessibility. Known best for games like Ancient Summoner, Glory of Gladiators and Wartune, Gamebox have added Odin Quest to their portfolio, after a strong year in the Chinese and Eastern markets, where it has undergone regular updates and patches, and has shown itself to be one of the best-supported browser based games out there.

With Odin Quest, choose from 5 different classes, and adventure through a variety of different quest types with huge bosses, big battle rewards and even a pet combat system.

Odin Quest screenshot

The first European time-zone server opens today, with more Western servers set to open in the near future. To celebrate the launch, several events will be heading to the new server, which have yet to be revealed. Gamebox are also providing a buy one, get one free Gold Leaf offer for the opening week, from today until October 30th, to give everyone a helping hand, whilst settling into Yggdrasil.

Check out Gamebox today, and let us know what you think in the comments section below!


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