Odin Quest version 8.6 arrives mid-December on new Gamebox platform

By Michael Jamias
odin quest version 8 6 gamebox

What better way to welcome Odin Quest's fresh start on a new platform than with a balance-restoring update!

Odin Quest will be receiving its version 8.6 update roughly two weeks from now, sometime in mid-December. This marks the first major content update since Gamebox purchased the exclusive operating rights for the mmorpg in North America and Europe.

Gamebox noted that version 8.6 shifts back the balance of power to free mmo players, and treats everyone to a trio of new instances.

The previously oppressive Divination and Dragon Soul systems, which were used by paying players to dominate the no download mmorpg by getting ahead on equipment and levels, have both been rebalanced.

Balance wizards also took a long hard look at cross-server fights and have come up with new rules that make the feature even more exciting, such as expanding the fight cap for extra battles.

PvE fans can also take on three additional instances -- Oracle War, Palace Feast and New Year Envoy -- when the mid-December update drops. But these are only accessible to certain level ranges such as level 80+ for the Oracle War instance. For those with the inclination to grind, the instances reward perseverance with essential materials for high-level upgrades.


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