Odin Quest version 8.6 activates Divination and Dragon Soul systems

By Michael Jamias
odin quest version 8 6

Odin Quest version 8.6 has been unleashed, activating two new power-pumping systems and three new instances.

The Divination and Dragon Soul systems, which were devised by the new exclusive operator ChangYou, can be used to strengthen mmo heroes with some luck and perseverance.

Through the Divination system, players will be able to obtain rare items and materials by consuming gold leaves in a lottery-style reward system. Players can then access the new Dragon Soul system, use the materials they obtained via Divination, and increase the attributes of their characters.

More frugal fans should keep in mind though that using these systems will come at a cost, either through cash or grinding.

Version 8.6 also ushers in three new instances, namely the Oracle War, Palace Feast and New Year Envoy.

Oracle War is meant to challenge more experienced players with characters level 80 and above. Conquer the instance to secure equipment upgrade materials.

Palace Feast has a more light-hearted challenge, asking players to defend various dishes from hungry thieves.

The third and last instance is the New Year Envoy meant to spice up the holidays. Entry to this instance will be opened at random times, rewarding fans who are constantly logging into the no download mmorpg.


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