Odin Quest to name 18th server after most powerful player

By Michael Jamias
odin quest 18th server

A literal arms race is brewing in Odin Quest with players competing for the right to name the newest server named after him or her.

Odin Quest developers said the server-naming contest will last for a week starting from when the new server launches on April 18. The player who becomes the strongest in seven days, judged by their weapons and gear, will be crowned the victor and have his or her character name used as the server name.

Developers will also use the new server to test out two new systems coming to the MMORPG – the Wedding system and the Governing system.

Through the Wedding system, players can hand out marriage proposals before holding a beautiful wedding for the whole browser mmo to admire. But instead of a honeymoon, most newlyweds will spend time fighting as a couple and reaping partner bonuses – from titles to XP. The bonuses will even apply to dungeon runs.

Meanwhile, the governing system will allow players to obtain same amount of attribute bonuses to increase the defense and damage reduction. Power-hungry tyrants can focus on collecting advanced governing runes to become virtually invincible against rune-less foes. It is a system that is bound to introduce a fierce new level of competitiveness in Odin Quest.


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