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odin quest version 8 6
Odin Quest version 8.6 has been unleashed, activating two new power-pumping systems and three new instances. The Divination and Dragon Soul systems, which were devised by the new exclusive operator ChangYou, can be used to strengthen mmo heroes with some luck and perseverance. Through the Divination system, players will be able to obtain rare items and materials by consuming gold leaves in a lottery-style reward system. Players can then access ...
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Dec 18 2013
odin quest version 8 6 gamebox
What better way to welcome Odin Quest's fresh start on a new platform than with a balance-restoring update! Odin Quest will be receiving its version 8.6 update roughly two weeks from now, sometime in mid-December. This marks the first major content update since Gamebox purchased the exclusive operating rights for the mmorpg in North America and Europe. Gamebox noted that version 8.6 shifts back the balance of power to free mmo players, and trea...
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Dec 02 2013
odin quest west
Gamebox has had a lot of Western success with its provision of Norse Mythology based Adventure RPG, Wartune. Inspired by this, they have added another Norse ARPG to its arsenal in the form of Dragonsmeet's Odin Quest. Gamebox is a Western MMO operator, providing North America and Europe with dedicated servers for popular free to play games, improving their overall coverage and accessibility. Known best for games like Ancient Summoner, Glory of G...
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Oct 23 2013
odin quest 18th server
A literal arms race is brewing in Odin Quest with players competing for the right to name the newest server named after him or her. Odin Quest developers said the server-naming contest will last for a week starting from when the new server launches on April 18. The player who becomes the strongest in seven days, judged by their weapons and gear, will be crowned the victor and have his or her character name used as the server name. Developers wi...
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Apr 15 2013