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O-WN is a MMORTS developed and published by HiQroup. It's a browser based game with a sci fi theme. Earth is about to be destroyed by a comet that is approaching the planet. Humans will not survive the impact so the only solution is to evacuate Earth and look for another planet. O-WN players job is to look for a suitable home, establish a base and transform an alien planet into a world where humanity can thrive once more. The strategic gameplay features base building mechanics and army management. O-WN social interaction systems allow players to form alliances but also to compete against each other.

Players begin the game as leaders of a newly colonized planet. The first task on their agenda is city development. Buildings need to be constructed. Advanced technologies need to be unlocked by research. Army training comes next. Competition is a natural thing in MMO games so O-WN players should be ready to fight each other. At some point all players will want to expand their empire and to conquer other planets. Conflicts are bound to arise. The good news is that players can team up against their enemies. O-WN has an alliance system. Players from the same alliance can create massive armies by combining their fighting forces. Social interaction also includes trading. Players are free to help each other with resources and to ask compensation for their service. A chat system allows players to communicate. The game world is huge and hides many secrets so players need a serious fleet if they plan to explore the vastness of space. There are about 20 different types of space ships available. O-WN universe comprises many galaxies but not all of them are discovered. These galaxies contain a multitude of different planets. The game has different types of planets that can be colonized. Players can establish mining colonies, military worlds and so on. More than 30 unique types of constructions can be built on each planet. These buildings serve different purposes such as military barracks, research facilities, storage units or resource production.

O-WN aims to set itself apart from other browser RTS games by implementing different kinds of events. These events are also called game cycles. They differ in duration and location. Pocket Universe events last for about six months. Normal cycles take one year. O-WN biggest events are called Grand Universe cycles and last for more than a year. Players can check out their accomplishments on the leaderboards. O-WN is available as a free game.

By Rachel Rosen

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