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Nidia: Evolution of the Ring is a no download MMORPG developed and published by IGameMore. It's a fantasy themed game that gives players the opportunity to experience the life of a mage, knight or archer. These are the three Nidia character classes. Mages know how to control the four elements, they fight using spells. Knights are exceptional fighters ready to battle any foe. Archers hide in the shadows and wait for the perfect moment to take down their enemy with a precise strike. Players discover the City of Nidia and several other game regions. Travelers from all corners of the world come to this city in search for adventures. Lakeside is a port controlled by the Merchants Guild. Ancient books and scrolls containing arcane knowledge can be found in the Labyrinth. The City of Sands lies in the heart of the desert. These are the main areas of this fictional realm known as the Empire.

Heroes are accompanied by pets and mounts. Seven pets are available. Nidia has pet leveling system that allows players to increase pet stats and to upgrade their skills. Items needed for pet leveling are obtained from various game activities. Pet skill books are bought from the arena shop. Emblems come as reward from bosses but they can also be crafted. Pet pills and food are also consumed to strengthen pets. Mounts can also be upgraded. Each new level comes with a stats boost. Like all RPG MMO games, Nidia has an equipment system. Dragon Rings are important accessories that give massive damage bonus. There are five types of rings. These rings are upgraded by completing specific quests. Crafting and refine features also allow players to upgrade rings. Other types of gear can be evolved as well. Nidia players use gems to increase combat power for weapons and armors. Dragon skills are powerful abilities that are unlocked at higher levels. Players who want to level up faster should not forget to access the worship function. This is a feature that boosts XP gain.

Different types of Nidia missions are available. Escort Chariot is a multiplayer activity. Bonus rewards are given to the player that achieves the highest ranking during an escort mission. The Forsaken Crypt is a dungeon with 10 levels. Players gain rewards for each completed level. Nidia is a free MMORPG no download with a guild system. By becoming part of a guild players unlock guild wars and special bosses. Guild war siege is a PvP event that can be completed twice a week. Open PvP and other PvP activities are also available. Nidia has pleasant 3D graphics and it can be played as a free game.

By Rachel Rosen

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