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  • Nemexia: Race

    Nemexia: Race
    Humans, robots or aliens. Welcome to sci-fi, pick the race that sounds most interesting....
    Nemexia: Race

    Nemexia: mine

    Nemexia: mine
    You need resources to build. The metal mine is a great first building....
    Nemexia: mine

    Nemexia: upgrade

    Nemexia: upgrade
    Remember to upgrade your buildings. This will cost resources and take time but it will increase your production and economy....
    Nemexia: upgrade

    Nemexia: fleet

    Nemexia: fleet
    Do you still need to grow? Work on that fleet. Your enemies will not invade themselves....
    Nemexia: fleet

Nemexia is a unique MMORTS/MMORPG hyrbrid delivered in a space themed strategy simulation package. Nemexia includes a variety of interesting mechanics, new to both the MMORPG and MMORTS genres.

Nemexia includes 3 different methods to play the game using a number of possible races, Confederation, Toreths and Nox. Each race is totally unique and uses completely different mechanics to the other races. Confederation players can expect the human approach, using familiar technologies and units while Toreths and Nox use more alien based technology. Each race in Nemexia has unique building and unit designs, as well as totally separated and individual progression styles.

Nemexia's game world is an ever expanding Universe, filled with thousands of other players. Unlike other MMORTS games, you're not forced to spawn into a tiny corner of the world surrounded by enemy players. Instead you're given your own planet. An entire planet to build on, raise your army, improve your technologies and balance your economy. Each planet is divided into 3 separate areas for Resource, Industry and Military. The Resource area is one of your most vital construction projects, adding buildings here allows you to increase your resource gain thus making you able to construct more buildings and raise more troops. The Industry area is for things such as research and technology, while Military is where you construct the buildings that allow you to create new vehicles and spaceships.

Nemexia also includes a highly innovative Alliance feature. There are thousands of players scattered across the universe and you can choose to ally with any of them, travelling through space destroying your enemies and colonizing new planets. The really interesting aspect of this is the possibility of multi-race planets. If 3 players, 1 from each race, choose to create an Alliance they can start the Alliance on 1 planet. This then offers control of that planet to all 3 of the people in the Alliance. This allows you to construct one of the most vicious armadas available in Nemexia, using the strongest units from all 3 races, creating a force that is practically unstoppable.

By Rachel Rosen

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