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  • Native Kingdoms: market

    Native Kingdoms: market
    The market is the hub of activity in town. Here you can buy food for your starving character....
    Native Kingdoms: market

    Native Kingdoms: home

    Native Kingdoms: home
    We start by living in a worn down shack. Over time you will have fields to grow food....
    Native Kingdoms: home

    Native Kingdoms: work

    Native Kingdoms: work
    Beggars can't be choosers. We need money so let's start by working in the temple for whatever money we can earn....
    Native Kingdoms: work

    Native Kingdoms: wood

    Native Kingdoms: wood
    If temple work is not for you, start by chopping down trees and selling the wood....
    Native Kingdoms: wood

Native Kingdoms is the second free to play browser title from Celsius Online that links in with their epic story spanning across 3 browser games: Native Kingdoms, Shogun Kingdoms and Renaissance Kingdoms. Native Kingdoms has a mix of multiple genres including mechanics from RTS games, RPG's, management simulations and political games. The game is based in America during the infamous Aztec reign, taking place roughly 50 years before the Conquistadors entered America.

One of the more appealing aspects of Native Kingdoms is the total lack of NPC characters, there are none. Although this sounds like a poor sand box idea, it compliments the game perfectly as every character you get involved with is as real as you. Whether you want to collect wood from the carpenter, get food from a baker or tell the sheriff about some illegal activities, all of them are players that started at the bottom of the chain and worked their way up the political ladder. Even the mayor of each town is a player, victorious after public votes and given the responsibility of keeping the town safe and the citizens happy.

Playing a character in Native Kingdoms is more like a second life than a game. Players are not restricted to combat based mechanics, although you can wage war against other civilizations and go on excursions for rare treasure, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Players can choose to dedicate all their time to one activity, such as raising livestock, creating international trade routes between towns, or even open their own store such as a Tavern. If that's not enough to keep you occupied, you can even invent your own skill to specialize in, such as opening a store as a Fortune Teller, the limitations are practically non existent and Native Kingdoms is easily one of the best political based MMO games on the market today.

By Rachel Rosen

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