Naruto Spirit open beta starts now

By Michael Jamias
naruto spirit open beta start

Well, that didn't take long.

It's been exactly nine days since Naruto Spirit kicked off the closed beta for its English version and now it's pushed through to a public open beta.

In preparation for the deluge of jutsu and Sharingan fanatics testing the game, three more Naruto spirit servers have been opened -- one for each of the three main game regions. There's Kakashi Server 4 for Oceanic gamers, Rock Lee Server 5 for Europe and Neji Server 6 for US.

Such a fast transition to the English version open beta could mean only two things: Either the game's translation has gone very smoothly, or the developers could be rushing it through testing, hoping that the Naruto name will carry the game, major flaws and all.

We really hope it's the case of the former because Naruto Sprit is the type of underdog MMO we want to root for.

The game traces its roots as a surprise smash hit from a relatively unknown Vietnamese developer called Young World Technology, reportedly reaching 10,000 players concurrently on its servers.

Its popularity in that part of the world emboldened the developer to translate the tactical no download mmorpg for worldwide consumption. And needless to say its success will largely determine whether the developer will flourish or flounder to obscurity.

To at least ensure that its open beta attracts enough attention, Naruto Spirit is hosting a lot of reward events such as King of Arena, 5 Days Action and Warmish Christmas. This should make a new player's stay quite comfortable, although the bigger question is whether the game's battle and progression system are engrossing enough to keep them logging in.


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