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  • Naruto Spirit: quests

    Naruto Spirit: quests
    Naruto Spirit has a story line with quests to give players experience and other rewards....
    Naruto Spirit: quests

    Naruto Spirit: upgrades

    Naruto Spirit: upgrades
    Upgrade items to increase character stats. The maximum upgrade of an item is tied to character level....
    Naruto Spirit: upgrades

    Naruto Spirit: quick

    Naruto Spirit: quick
    Combat is a combination of turn based abilities and quick time events....
    Naruto Spirit: quick

    Naruto Spirit: chests

    Naruto Spirit: chests
    Get a grade of 1-5 stars and a loot chest at the end of each encounter....
    Naruto Spirit: chests

Naruto Spirit Gameplay First Look - HD

Naruto Spirit Gameplay First Look - HD

Become a powerful ninja in Naruto Spirit, the tactical browser mmo developed by YeahGame. Gamers adventure through the setting based upon the popular martial arts anime and magna. Fans will easily recognize the storyline and characters that they've grown to love.

The goal of every player in Naruto Spirit is to fight their way up from a lowly student to becoming a legendary ninja. Once play begins in this no download mmorpg, the player chooses one of three different classes: Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and Taijutsu. The Ninjutsu specializes in fire to attack their enemies. They can create swords made of flame to use against their foes or summon fire from deep below the earth's surface. Taijutsu ninjas use their powerful will to defend themselves. They can use a combination of high speed attacks to overpower their opponents or shoot massive energy waves. The most mysterious of the ninjas are the Genjutsu. They are most famous for having an ability to use butterflies' wings to fascinate and distract their enemies. They also have the ability to turn the very wind into swords for their use. Each class has an advantage against one of the other player classes and has their own unique skills. The class selection also determines which characters from the Naruto series can become your friend and fight alongside you.

Each class in Naruto Spirit has four unique skills that are unlocked and upgraded as the player levels up. As is normal in most browser games, the higher the level the skill, the more powerful it is when played. Players will also need to equip themselves with weapons to defend themselves, and these weapons can also be enhanced to become more powerful. Devotees of the series will have a blast attempting to replicate the many different fighting moves from the anime and magna. Also, players can transform their character for a short time into one of the famous characters of the setting to try different fighting styles. Pets are an essential component as gamers can gain them to increase their status. Some of the pets include Ichibi-Shukaku and Nibi-Matatabi.

While Naruto Spirit focuses on one-on-one battles, there are also quick time events (QTEs) where players can join in on the action to gain additional rewards. For those adventurous enough, you can head into dungeons that have three levels of difficulty: normal, hard, and abyss. Gamers can square off against each other for bragging rights in the PvP arena. There are other mini-games as well, such as being able to operate your own farm or going on treasure hunts to gain loot.

By Jeff Francis


Naruto Spirit open beta starts now

Well, that didn't take long. It's been exactly nine days since Naruto Spirit kicked off the closed beta for its English version a...
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