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By Michael Jamias
naruto saga treasure hunt

Pirates thirsting for some loot hunting and plundering fun can get their fill in this newest Naruto Saga update.

The Treasure Hunt feature has been launched in the pirate action browser mmo, currently in open beta, and testers can start scouring the high seas for treasure, including piles of silver currency.

Naruto Saga developers still have not finalized the exact level wherein treasure hunting will be unlocked for players, but what has been confirmed is that there will be a dedicated interface for the feature.

Players can just click the Treasure Adventure icon and they will be taken to an interface where they can plot a sailing route. Beginners can just accept the predetermined default route but more experienced sailors can edit their route for maximum treasure and silver currency gains. More affluent mmorpg fans can purchase cash shop Ingots and spend them on the Treasure Hunt system for longer routes and, of course, more loot earned per play session.

Treasure hunting is more than just a glorified cruise trip though. There's actual combat involved, and dangers from other players possibly plundering your hard-earned haul.

This added element of danger should put all Naruto Saga pirates on full alert during the course of the treasure hunt expedition to repel any would-be plunderers.

Treasure Hunt conflicts will be decided by ship vs. ship combat. Attackers can choose to lie in wait and click on passing ships they wish to plunder. But defenders can choose to increase their safety precautions by treasure hunting as a group, effectively lowering the risk and spreading the gains across the team. There is strength in numbers after all even in the wide open seas.


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