Naruto Saga factions system padded with new features

By Michael Jamias
naruto saga factions new features

Naruto Saga developers piled on the improvements to its factions system, making it more interesting and rewarding.

The Naruto Saga factions system upgrades have just been rolled out as part of the Chapter III update.

"Being part of a factions now provides players with a myriad of extra activities to enjoy, from taking part in massive wars and exclusive quests, to simply upgrading their new Faction Zone while being social with ninja friends," said developers for the ninja-themed mmorpg.

There's also a fresh faction map that helps players manage everything and anything about their factions, including giving quick access to all the essential features and activities related to faction play. These include faction info, faction war features, rankings, upgrades and the new faction zones.

Faction zones are special boss areas that are open two hours daily. Factions with enough coordination can kill the resident boss in the required time and earn the corresponding rewards. Damage is the main factor for rewards, so pumping out the pain is the best strategy for all factions attempting the zone.

Factions can upgrade the zones with tougher bosses and better rewards by completing certain requirements, which should significantly up their replayability.

Factions can also unite to fight in faction wars, open two hours daily as well, which pits them against the rest of the competitive browser mmo community. A ranking system keeps tabs on the leaders based on points earned after each faction war, and the placing determines who will get the better rewards.


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