Naruto Saga Chapter IV expansion to uncage 5 Kages and 10-Tails Obito

By Michael Jamias
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Reach another power peak by recruiting some of the most powerful ninjas in the Naruto Saga mmorpg.

Naruto Saga Chapter IV introduces a Ninja World War for players level 60+, which gives players two kinds of challenges.

The first is an S-Ninja Challenge against waves of increasingly difficulty opponents, culminating in a showdown with an S-Ninja boss. The second is a Resource Fight.

You'll need powerful allies to complete these challenges in the free no download mmorpg, which is where the six new recruitable SS-Rank Partners come in, including Mizukage Terumi Mei, Kazekage Gaara (SS), Raikage A (SS), Tsuchikage Onoki (SS), Hokage Tsunade (SS) and Uchiha Obito (SS). Those lusting for supreme power can also try and recruit the deadly 10-Tails Obito (SSS).

Among the Naruto Saga Chapter IV features is an increased level cap to 100. Transformation levels will climb as well to a maximum of 110, allowing fans to learn powerful Five Kages transformation skills.

The new path offers even more content in the form of new elite instances, an extension of the popular Lost Tower challenge, and a new Free Duel feature. These should be more than enough to fill your ninja battle cravings.


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