Naruto Saga News

naruto chapter iv kages
Reach another power peak by recruiting some of the most powerful ninjas in the Naruto Saga mmorpg. Naruto Saga Chapter IV introduces a Ninja World War for players level 60+, which gives players two kinds of challenges. The first is an S-Ninja Challenge against waves of increasingly difficulty opponents, culminating in a showdown with an S-Ninja boss. The second is a Resource Fight. You'll need powerful allies to complete these challenges in th...
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Mar 04 2014
naruto saga factions new features
Naruto Saga developers piled on the improvements to its factions system, making it more interesting and rewarding. The Naruto Saga factions system upgrades have just been rolled out as part of the Chapter III update. "Being part of a factions now provides players with a myriad of extra activities to enjoy, from taking part in massive wars and exclusive quests, to simply upgrading their new Faction Zone while being social with ninja friends...
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Feb 22 2014
naruto saga treasure hunt
Pirates thirsting for some loot hunting and plundering fun can get their fill in this newest Naruto Saga update. The Treasure Hunt feature has been launched in the pirate action browser mmo, currently in open beta, and testers can start scouring the high seas for treasure, including piles of silver currency. Naruto Saga developers still have not finalized the exact level wherein treasure hunting will be unlocked for players, but what has been c...
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Nov 23 2013