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Naruto Online Gameplay First Look- HD

Naruto Online Gameplay First Look- HD

Naruto Online is a free no download MMORPG developed and published by Oasis Games. It's the first free to play Naruto themed browser game that is officially supported by Bandai Entertainment. Naruto Online follows that same story as the original anime and manga. The village of Konoha was almost destroyed 12 years ago when a powerful beast, a nine tails demon, attacked the ninja village and its inhabitants. The leader of the village, Minato, and his wife, Kushina, managed to save the village but they had to sacrifice their lives and their new born son in the process. The nine tails demon fox was so powerful that he could not be taken down in battle. Instead, Minato decided to seal a part of the demon's energy into little Naruto. The orphan boy grew up normally but everyone in Konoha is scared of him and of the demon sealed inside. Because of this Naruto decides to gain villagers trust by becoming the number one ninja in Konoha. Naruto Online players will assist him in his journey.

Many other characters from the manga are featured in Naruto Online the game. Iruka is Naruto's teacher and the first person in the Konoha that showed kindness to the boy. Hatake Kakashi is the captain of the first team Naruto was part of and his ninja trainer. Sasuke and Sakura are the other two members of the team and even though they started off on the wrong foot they will become best friends. Naruto Online players start the game as ninjas in training. Eventually, they will recruit other fighters and set up their own ninja team. The MMORPG has a combo system that allows members to become friends and to fight better when working as a team. Quest lines based on the original story are the perfect chance to relieve some of the events from the show or manga. Naruto Online graphics follow the manga style. Players start in Konoha village but their journey will take them to many other ninja settlements like Sand or Rain village.

Ninja fighters have a set of stats that define their unique combat style. Naruto Online borrows abilities, attributes and techniques from the manga. Naruto has a great amount of chakra (energy) and he's skilled at performing seals (ninja abilities). Rock Lee does not possess any native ninja talents but he's a master of hand to hand combat. Naruto Online browser MMO features many other popular characters such as Neji, Shikamaru, Sakura and Sasuke. The game is free to play with premium options. Naruto Online players can login with a game account or use a Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail or Twitter account to access the game.

By Rachel Rosen

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