Nadirim Has Launched; Free Browser MMO Channels Arabian Nights

By Michael Jamias
nadirim launches august 2

Beginning August 2, Nadirim will open its treacherous dunes to MMO players via the Aeria Games platform. This free browser mmo from Twisted Tribe Ltd. was inspired by the Arabian Nights folk tales, teeming with deserts and oases and gripped with a heroic plot to vanquish a malevolent djinn.

In describing the gameplay of Nadirim, Aeria Games said: β€œThe turn-based combat takes place on a grid, in which strategic positioning is just as important as powerful abilities. When players get into a jam in combat, they can put out a call for help to other nearby adventurers, who can then seamlessly join the battle – as well as reap the rewards of victory!”

Nadirim follows the Aeria Games mold. It is a no download mmorpg and does not charge for play. As of the current launch version, players can choose form one of three playable classes – Warrior, Sage or Rogue.

Two other classes were previously confirmed when Nadirim was still in development under its original studio Digital Reality. There was the Nomad class which was said to function as a beast master who can tame defeated monsters as combat pets or mounts, and also the Caravan Master who wields powerful control over humans and beasts. In all likelihood, these will be released in future patches along with incremental level caps, as is commonly done in most mmo games.


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