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  • My Lands: tech

    My Lands: tech
    After finishing your Alchemy Lab, you can starting researching new technologies. Here is a sneak peak at the tech tree....
    My Lands: tech

    My Lands: construct

    My Lands: construct
    Construct buildings on empty spaces in your city. The Alchemy Lab is needed to start any research....
    My Lands: construct

    My Lands: army

    My Lands: army
    Recruit new units into your military after building a Barracks. The Dwarf Tosser is the first unit you will have access to as an e...
    My Lands: army

    My Lands: palace

    My Lands: palace
    Remember to upgrade your Palace. It is the most important building in your entire city. And it is your palace, after all!...
    My Lands: palace

My Lands is a free to play, browser MMORTS game that has the option of purchasing a regular subscription for added features. My Lands is set in fantastical world of faeries, magic and knights, giving players the opportunity to construct their own fantasy-based kingdom.

My Lands boasts a feature never seen in the RTS genre before, the ability to earn real cash through playing the game. There are special in-game items known as Black Gems, and My Lands offers many different ways to acquire these unique items. The primary source of Black Gems are enemy monsters, these can be found throughout the game, hiding away in ruins. By exploring these ruins and defeating the monsters that dwell within, players have the chance of earning Black Gems. The other possible ways to get Black Gems is to capture Salt Lakes or purchase them through auction. Salt Lakes are scattered throughout the game world, and players strong enough to capture and hold them will enjoy a regular income of Black Gems. Black Gems can then be exchanged for real-life cash through a unique interface in the game, giving players the opportunity to earn a small fortune playing a game they enjoy, a feature totally unique to My Lands. The game keeps a regular counter of the money players have earned and so far over $5800 has been withdrawn.

Other features in My Lands share many similarities with other popular MMO RTS games. Players must construct a strong base, with various resource earning units and other buildings in order to progress. The more resources and buildings you have, the greater your chances of survival. Players can build their own army from a vast selection of units and then send their army to earn Black Gems or defeat enemy players.

The unique feature of being able to earn money while playing, combined with the in-depth approach to RTS features and mechanics makes My Lands one of the most interesting free browser games available online.

By Rachel Rosen

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