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  • My Free Farm: plant

    My Free Farm: plant
    Plant seeds and wait for your plants to mature. You can speed up the process by watering your seeds....
    My Free Farm: plant

    My Free Farm: harvest

    My Free Farm: harvest
    Harvest your seeds to reuse on your farm or sell....
    My Free Farm: harvest

    My Free Farm:seeds

    My Free Farm:seeds
    Head to town to buy more supplies like extra seeds....
    My Free Farm:seeds

    My Free Farm: store

    My Free Farm: store
    My Free Farm offers an in game store where players can sell to other players....
    My Free Farm: store

My Free Farm is an online browser game that is based on farming. It is a simulation game whereby you can plant, water and harvest your crops and look after various animals. As you work through the multiple levels you will be able to buy more fields and expand your farming empire. All needed information will be given to you by Piggy Gordon, an in-game guide.  There are over 30 different fruits and vegetables to grow with the option of selling them to the in-game market to boost your cash flow. This is essential for buying more land and erecting buildings. You might also like to take your heard earned coins to Moo Town market. You must take a bus to get here (situated on the top navigation bar). Moo Town has multiple vendors, where you can buy anything you may need for your farm, including animals and seeds. This is also where you can begin quests by looking for the citizen with the big yellow exclamation mark above their heads. This is a good way of gaining more points and you can be rewarded with decorative items and even new farming areas.

There are competitions that take place in Moo Town, where you must send in large amounts of the required produce. You can access the contest window to see where you are ranking. These competitions run regularly and last for a few days at a time. Players receive medals depending where they rank at the end of the competition.

Although My Free Farm is a free to play game, there are two different types of money in the game. The first is your coins, which you gain from selling your produce; the other is cash, which can be purchased through the game to buy extra items. You can also become a premium member of My Free Farm which allows you to buy items that are not available otherwise and buy the extra space. This game is similar to the incredibly popular Facebook game Farmville; however My Free Farm has more game options, better graphics and a wider variety of tasks. It is a great game to play and can be quite addictive!

By Rachel Rosen

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