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My Free Circus is a free to play circus simulator game developed and published by upjers. The company is well known for its free browser games like Uptasia, My Sunny Resort or My Little Farmies. My Free Circus has tycoon style gameplay that gives users the chance to become ringmasters in charge of their circus. Their job is to find attractions, to organize a spectacular parade and to increase the audience. Some of the main My Free Circus attractions include acrobats, knife jugglers and animals performing amazing shows. Managers earn revenue based on audience. As the circus attracts more people, the income will increase as well. Earned money are then reinvested to expand the circus and to acquire more attractions.

Managing a circus is not an easy task. My Free Circus players will be in charge of various things such as supplying provisions, training employees and organizing performances. If the audience is pleased they will spread the word and more people will come to see a magnificent show. Animals are one of the main circus attractions. In the beginning, players will have only common animals like ponies. As players progress throughout My Free Circus and earn more money they will afford exotic animals like llamas, tigers, lions and such. Players are not just managers but also trainers and caretakers. Animals must be kept in proper conditions so players have to build pens and animal enclosures. Food must be provided. Each animal has different dietary needs and food must be of the highest quality. Players make sure that animals are trained and ready for their great performance. The animal selection includes white tigers, giraffes, monkeys, bears, dolphins, zebras and many other creatures. My Free Circus is one of the circus themed browser games that aim to reproduce all real circus features. Animal performances are a real crowd pleaser but no circus show would be complete without clowns and acrobats. Fire eaters amaze the audience, athletes perform extraordinary acrobatic stunts but it's the clowns who will make the crowd rage with laughter.

Circus spectacles go hand in hand with delicious snacks. My Free Circus has a feature that allows players to build mini farms and production facilities that transform produce into treats and snacks for the circus goers. My Free Circus has a MMO playerbase thanks to cross platform features. The game can be played in a web browser or as a mobile app. Players utilize the same account to login into the game. Progress is stored on the servers so users can resume game sessions when switching devices. My Free Circus app is available for iOS and Android.

By Rachel Rosen

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