Monster Madness Online starts second public pre-alpha

By Michael Jamias
monster madness online second public pre alpha

Nom Nom Games has launched the Monster Madness Online second public pre-alpha play session . Fans can register at the Monster Madness Online official website to get a front-row seat in the infectiously crazy defense against a Martian invasion.

“We are looking forward to players checking out the new content and providing us valuable feedback from this next phase,” said Jeremy Stieglitz, director at Nom Nom Games. “Our development structure is designed to receive information from players and quickly implement it, providing a new level of transparency between our team and our fans. These early play sessions provide just a taste of many more exciting things to come.

The Monster Madness Online pre-Alpha 2 unleashes new content and features previously unavailable to testers.

These include the first campaign story mission called Sewer Sharkz, as well as crafting and upgrading features that enable players to construct and improve their gear and pets. It also introduces the hardcore-permadeath mode that cranks up the challenge in return for swankier loot.

Monster Madness Online stars a ragtag bunch of kids from the nerd Zack Fowler to the goth Carrie Rosenberg who don't take the alien invasion sitting down. Block by block, the kids beat back the space intruders until they reach the mothership itself. Along the way, the kids can upgrade their alien-busting gear by picking up items or even crafting more efficient wipeout weapons.

Monster Madness Online will eventually release as a cross platform browser mmo across the PC, Mac, Android, Linux, iOS and web browser.


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