Monkey King Online swings into open beta

By Michael Jamias
monkey king online open beta

Now you can go bananas with leveling in Monkey King Online and throw all playing caution out the window. The Monkey King Online open beta has arrived!

Monkey King Online open beta details

The Monkey King Online open beta launch will allow you log into the Havoc in Heaven server and create a permanent player character that will persist until the mmorpg goes fully operational.

The open beta commenced on April 14, 7:00AM PDT, which also coincided with the end of the three-week alpha test.

"Well, the biggest change is that all open beta characters will be permanent. That's right – no more wipes. Feel free to Recharge and start using Taels, because you're playing for keeps," said game publisher R2Games.

The open beta also triggers the start of a dozen new server events and promotions aimed at welcoming new players and rewarding loyal returning players.

R2Games is giving away freebies for players who log in during the first week of open beta launch, and additional items for those who top up or subscribe as a VIP in the browser mmo based on the Chinese mythology epic, Journey to the West.

The Monkey King Online open beta also unlocks two previously inaccessible Immortals, the Dragon Prince and the Titan. More powerful Immortals will be rolled out during the course of the open beta, said R2Games.


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