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  • Mondozoo: location

    Mondozoo: location
    Start by choosing the location of your zoo. We're going with San Diego since we're a fan of the San Diego Zoo....
    Mondozoo: location

    Mondozoo: farm

    Mondozoo: farm
    Your first building will be your mini-farm....
    Mondozoo: farm

    Mondozoo: staff

    Mondozoo: staff
    Make sure to hire a full staff to man your zoo....
    Mondozoo: staff

    Mondozoo: audit

    Mondozoo: audit
    Information is everything. You can request an audit to see all of the information about your zoo....
    Mondozoo: audit

MondoZoo is the latest of the browser games titles published by family favorites, Mondo Entertainment. MondoZoo is totally free to play and is compatible with the majority of today's browsers. Players take on the role of a zoo keeper, designing and maintaining their very own zoo. When you first start you must choose the location of your zoo by selecting different climate options based on Temperature and weather type. Each choice effects the difficulty of your journey so choose wisely.

There are many aspects to managing a zoo, it's not just about the animals. Players in MondoZoo can choose to hire staff for a number of positions including Manager, Cashier, Security Guard, Cook and Gardeners. Each staff position is delegated certain responsibilities. Players can choose to recruit random staff members or pay an agency to track down more talented individuals, the more expensive the staff member, the better they'll be at the assigned job. Players can run regular audit examinations to check the efficiency of their staff, and if needed, can remove any of the slackers that are holding you back.

As well as hiring staff, you can also build and design the zoo itself. You have to make sure that your staff are cared for, your animals kept clean and your visitors needs catered for. To ensure all of this, you must build various facilities such as gift shops, toilets and staff rooms. When it comes to your animals, you must make sure they have the right enclosures that are cleaned regularly. You can buy pets from the store, or from other players. If you're feeling really brave, MondoZoo even allows you to purchase your pets from the black market but this does come with a certain amount of risk as the WAF will punish you if they find out.

By Rachel Rosen

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