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  • Ministry of War: civ

    Ministry of War: civ
    Pick from one of 4 civilizations when you first start playing Ministry of War....
    Ministry of War: civ

    Ministry of War: build

    Ministry of War: build
    Build anywhere in your area that has free space. A Research Academy will let you start researching new technologies....
    Ministry of War: build

    Ministry of War: train

    Ministry of War: train
    Train troops at the Barracks....
    Ministry of War: train

    Ministry of War: ah

    Ministry of War: ah
    Ministry of War lets players use an auction house to buy and trade goods....
    Ministry of War: ah

Ministry of War is a strategy browser-based MMORPG game that throws you into a world filled with thousands of players fighting for resources, land and reputation. Ministry of War provides you with a variety of exciting MMORTS features including unique construction mechanics, a highly in-depth hero system and a huge amount of items.

The majority of RTS games today feature a hero system but Ministry of War takes it to the next level. You can hire a hero once you've constructed a tavern inside your city, new heroes appear at your tavern on a regular basis. Each hero is totally unique in terms of stats and they also have a certain color associated with them. The color of a hero, ranging from white to purple, has a huge influence on their potential as they level, the rarer the hero, the more stats and buffs they gain as they increase in level. Each hero can also be equipped with a huge variety of items, with each item affecting individual stats in a unique way. Items also have similar power-gauge system to the heroes, with the more rare weapons having stronger stats and being displayed in purple.

Another great way to make your Ministry of War's hero stronger is to purchase items from other players. Very few MMORTS games offer an auction house, and the ones that do mainly allow players to trade resources but Ministry of War allows you to put any item you find up for sale, creating a unique, player-driven economy.

Ministry of War also offers players the opportunity of becoming a Noble, offering premium status on an account for a huge variety of benefits. Unlike other pay to win MMORTS games, Ministry of War doesn't need you to empty your wallet as it only costs $1 to upgrade to a Noble account and you get various buffs such as increased experience points, faster build times and stronger heroes.

By Rachel Rosen

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