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Mighty Party Gameplay First Look - HD

Mighty Party  Gameplay First Look - HD

Mighty Party is a cards game browser MMO developed and published by Panoramik. Gameplay features role playing systems, fast paced matches, lots of heroes and flexible combat strategies. Battles are designed to take no more than three minutes so players don't have to worry about spending too much time in a match. Mighty Party has a rich hero selection that numbers many one of a kind champions. Players are free to create their parties in any way they like. They are encouraged to experiment, to mix and match heroes and to come up with original combat strategies. Heroes like the Imperial Archer work well with Wind Ninjas but there are many other viable combos. In addition to heroes, Mighty Party also has spell cards that are used to buff heroes and to do damage or to apply debuffs to enemies.

Content includes PvP matches and a PvE campaign. Mighty Party has lots of PvP features. It has ranked matches. Tournaments are held from time to time. Players can take part in events. Other PvP systems like survival mode and raids help players get even more rewards. Those who prefer to play against the computer will find a challenging story driven campaign. Mighty Party has a hero upgrade system that is a bit similar to MMORPG character progression. Heroes can level up. There is also a system that allows players to fuse their heroes. It's also possible to improve a hero's quality by transforming it into a golden hero. Unique abilities and a set of advantages and disadvantages define a hero. Players form squads (or parties) by choosing heroes whose skills complement each other. With dozens of available heroes, the possibilities to create unique parties are almost infinite. Mighty Party confrontations take place on a 3D battle board divided into multiple tiles. Players easily put heroes on the battlefield with drag and drop moves. They must carefully decide on which tile to place them to make the most out of their skills.

There are two ways to play the game. Mighty Party can be found among the free browser games from Kongregate portal. Those who prefer to experience it as a client game can download it from Steam. The client is very small, around 500 MB, and it doesn't have high system requirements. Both Mighty Party versions, the client and the browser game, can be played for free. A DLC called Battles and Toads is available. The pack contains common, rare and epic heroes. Mighty Party supports cross platform user interaction.

By Rachel Rosen

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