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    Might & Magic Heroes Online: classes
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    Might & Magic Heroes Online: classes

    Might & Magic Heroes Online: combat

    Might & Magic Heroes Online: combat
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    Might & Magic Heroes Online: graphics
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    Might & Magic Heroes Online: quest
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Might & Magic Heros Online Gameplay First Look - HD

Might & Magic Heros Online Gameplay First Look - HD

Return to the world of Ashan for power and glory in Might & Magic Heroes Online, the free browser game developed by Ubisoft Bluebyte. Players take on the mantle of mighty heroes who build and lead their armies across the realm for adventure. Players will be able to explore a vast fantasy world, undertake quests, build towns, and fight unique creatures.

Fans of the Might & Magic games will be happy to quest again through the realm of Ashan. Might & Magic Heroes Online features iconic locations and many famous characters from the previous games. This browser mmo is set in the period right after the third eclipse, which is between Might & Magic V and VI. As the game begins, players can choose one of two factions: Haven or Necropolis. Haven is comprised of medieval knights, monks, griffins, and angels. Their principal tactics are those of defense and pure martial might. Necropolis is led by necromancers who lead forces of the undead into battle. The tactics of Necropolis focus on magic and outlasting their opponents as they can raise the fallen. Other factions will be released as time goes on.

The world of Might & Magic Heroes Online is vast. At launch, there will be six different provinces for the players to explore. Each province is divided into several areas, with each area having its own unique look. Players travel using a simple point and click system. When a player travels, they will encounter various npcs. Some of these npcs will have to be fought, while others may give a quest or trade with the player. There are hidden locations in every province that a npc may point you towards. Players can freely travel to any province, but they cannot take quests of a different faction.  If you wish to fully explore the game's world, you will need to play characters of both factions.

Combat is central to Might & Magic Heroes Online and this browser mmo stays true to the franchise's roots. Battles take place on maps with hexes and are turn based. Early fights are simple, but later fights will require the player to endure waves of enemies, so you'll need to employ the best strategy to win. If you're having a hard time in a battle, you can call on a friend for help, who can then jump into your battle by your side. Players will be able to customize their characters by focusing on either might or magic abilities. Gamers will also be able to add different unit types and creatures to their army. To support their march for glory, players can create a town in each province. A player's town can focus on recruitment, gathering resources, or a mixture of both. Players can construct various buildings (and upgrade them) to provide various resources, such as worker's halls and troop dwellings. A player's town cannot be attacked by other players or npcs, but the worker's hall can be raided so players will need to keep an eye on their towns.

Overall, Might & Magic Heroes Online brings the strategic gameplay of the franchise to your favorite browser. Explore the world of Ashan, undergo quests, and raise an army to smite your foes.

By Jeff Francis


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