Merc Elite spotlight video uncloaks the Recon class

By Michael Jamias
merc elite spotlight recon class

Swift death awaits those who go up against the Merc Elite Recon class.

The Recon class is a master of shadow and the katana. It is one of the five playable classes for the upcoming military MMO MOBA, and is the first to get the preview video limelight.

Watch the Recon class trailer to see his "sneak & destroy" tactics in action:

Developer Bigpoint divulged that the Recon class functions as an intelligence-gathering agent for his team, lurking in the shadows for the right time to strike.

The Recon class can be closely compared to the Rogue archetype that relies on stealth and surprise attacks to gain an edge in battle rather than engage the enemies in straight open combat, where the Recon class is admittedly weaker.

The Recon class gets the job done through advantages like on-demand cloaking, fast movement speed, and burst damage. He also wields lethal ninja swords and lightweight automatic weapons when venturing into the arena.

Also confirmed with the trailer are two trademark skills -- The Smokescreen which blinds the enemy and allows the Recon class to close in without taking too much incoming fire damage, and the Katana Slash that stuns enemies around him.

Merc Elite releases this 2013 as a free to play browser mmo.


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