Merc Elite open beta begins in Europe

By Michael Jamias
merc elite open beta europe start

MOBA fans across the Atlantic gear up for the exclusive Merc Elite open beta.

Bigpoint has invited the entire European region to jump into its military MMO MOBA, coming off a successful closed beta testing phase.

“We have already received very positive feedback from players as well as members of the eSports community and are extremely excited to enter this last exciting step before the much-anticipated full product launch," said Bigpoint CEO Khaled Helioui on why the development team is taking the big leap towards a full regionwide testing.

Stateside fans are no doubt green with envy now, and it's anyone's guess why the developer decided to stir up some cross-Atlantic jealousy by announcing the Merc Elite European open beta

In any case this means that Europeans will have a longer head start in testing out Merc Elite, which is already slated to release within a couple of months this late 2013. NA fans should just be patient region because it could be any day now that the region will be asked to join the open beta. That becomes increasingly harder as the browser mmo has been eliciting positive responses for beta trials for its competitive matches, slick modern art style, and great eSports support.


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