Merc Elite previews the indomitable Juggernaut class

By Michael Jamias
merc elite juggernaut class

Take punishment like a boss then chuckle mockingly at your foes as the newly revealed Merc Elite Juggernaut class.

The Juggernaut thrives in the center of combat, capable of withstanding sustained focus fire, and is arguably the toughest soldier yet unveiled for the upcoming browser mmo shooter.

The Juggernaut laughs at the face of bullets, rockets and even air bombardment, and then returns the favor to his foes by unleashing crippling crowd control attacks.

Developers describe the Juggernaut as a frontline initiator -- functionally a tank, for easy understanding for all you MMORPG fans.

Watch the Juggernaut spotlight video to see how he wreaks havoc when he gets in close range.

His skills include the Buckshot skill, which deals significant damage to a cone of enemies at close range. But for him to get even near his targets, he needs to be able to shrug off their incoming attacks, which is where the Augmented skill comes handy to block an enemy's best shot. To close in on the kill, The Juggernaut can throw a Bola Shot, or it can be used defensively to escape a losing battle.

During team fights, the Juggernaut also shines with his Absorb Sphere that protects a team member. Juggernauts will probably bestow their shield on key damage dealer allies that need that extra few seconds to unload devastating cooldowns on the opposition. His most valuable skill is the EMP Grenade which disables the skills of surrounding enemies. When strategically cast, the shockwave can turn a team fight into a one-sided massacre.

Like all other classes in Merc Elite, the Juggernaut can be customized by unlocking skills across 8 character tiers.


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