Meet Merc Elite's defensive bomber class, the Heavy Gunner

By Michael Jamias
merc elite heavy gunner class

Defending a captured point becomes a cinch when you have the Heavy Gunner class repelling attackers with missile cover fire.

Merc Elite teams will have to tread carefully when assaulting an area defended by the Heavy Gunner, the second of five classes to be unveiled for the upcoming military MOBA game.

Looking to master the Heavy Gunner? Take out your notepad and get some combat pointers from this Heavy Gunner gameplay trailer:

"The Heavy Gunner is the unsung hero in any unit. His primary responsibility is to provide cover to his fellow mercenaries," said MMO and browser games developer BigPoint.

Heavy Gunners can be found holing up at the backline, raining bullets, rockets and other explosives to ravage teams foolish enough to clump together when assaulting a well-defended position.

As a trade-off for their unmatched attack range, Heavy Gunners will likely have weak close combat dueling skills. While BigPoint has not revealed all the classes so far, we imagine other classes with significant gap closers or fast movement speed could penetrate the defensive perimeter that a Heavy Gunner has built and proceed to destroy him up close.

By himself, the Heavy Gunner will not likely reach his full damage potential. But as part of a coordinated team that is able to protect him, the Heavy Gunner can easily bombard his way to a victory.


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