Merc Elite unveils the hard-hitting Assault class

By Michael Jamias
merc elite assault class

Brandishing the motto of "advance and overwhelm", the newly revealed Merc Elite Assault class is a slippery striker.

This Assault class spotlight video delivers a convincing showcase of his strengths: High damage potential to both single and multiple targets, long range arsenal, and increased mobility.

The Assault class, the fifth to be revealed for the brewing military MMO MOBA, is described as an elite fighter and heavy-duty damage dealer.

Just try getting hit by the Assault's Grenade Shot and Death from Above helicopter aerial bombardment, and you'll likely end up heavily injured if not outright destroyed. If a target manages to evade these attacks, then half the battle is won because the Assault will need to wait for cooldowns.

It's during this wait that the Assault's Commando Roll comes in handy. The class can use it to reposition quickly, escaping the firing range of most other classes, or ducking into cover long enough to unleash another set of Grenade Shots plus retaliatory auto attack rifle shots.

For braver browser games fans, the Commando Roll can also be used to chase a wounded target and secure a kill. Of course, such a decision comes with a lot of risk since you may be sacrificing your only means of escape and jumping directly into deadly crossfire.


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