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merc elite assault class
Brandishing the motto of "advance and overwhelm", the newly revealed Merc Elite Assault class is a slippery striker. This Assault class spotlight video delivers a convincing showcase of his strengths: High damage potential to both single and multiple targets, long range arsenal, and increased mobility.The Assault class, the fifth to be revealed for the brewing military MMO MOBA, is described as an elite fighter and heavy-duty damage dealer. ...
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Nov 08 2013
merc elite open beta europe start
MOBA fans across the Atlantic gear up for the exclusive Merc Elite open beta. Bigpoint has invited the entire European region to jump into its military MMO MOBA, coming off a successful closed beta testing phase. “We have already received very positive feedback from players as well as members of the eSports community and are extremely excited to enter this last exciting step before the much-anticipated full product launch," said Bigpoint CEO Kh...
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Oct 23 2013
merc elite juggernaut class
Take punishment like a boss then chuckle mockingly at your foes as the newly revealed Merc Elite Juggernaut class. The Juggernaut thrives in the center of combat, capable of withstanding sustained focus fire, and is arguably the toughest soldier yet unveiled for the upcoming browser mmo shooter. The Juggernaut laughs at the face of bullets, rockets and even air bombardment, and then returns the favor to his foes by unleashing crippling crowd co...
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Oct 12 2013
merc elite heavy gunner class
Defending a captured point becomes a cinch when you have the Heavy Gunner class repelling attackers with missile cover fire. Merc Elite teams will have to tread carefully when assaulting an area defended by the Heavy Gunner, the second of five classes to be unveiled for the upcoming military MOBA game. Looking to master the Heavy Gunner? Take out your notepad and get some combat pointers from this Heavy Gunner gameplay trailer:"The Heavy Gu...
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Sep 13 2013
merc elite spotlight recon class
Swift death awaits those who go up against the Merc Elite Recon class. The Recon class is a master of shadow and the katana. It is one of the five playable classes for the upcoming military MMO MOBA, and is the first to get the preview video limelight. Watch the Recon class trailer to see his "sneak & destroy" tactics in action:Developer Bigpoint divulged that the Recon class functions as an intelligence-gathering agent for his team, lu...
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Aug 30 2013