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Merc Elite, developed and published by BigPoint, is a browser MMO with shooter mechanics and MOBA features. It’s a military themed game. The Merc Elite development team numbers 40 members. Merc Elite is set in an alternate future. Big corporations and conglomerations hire mercenaries for guerilla warfare. Players take the role of paid soldiers. Gameplay is mostly about matches between 2 teams of players. The action is fast paced so players won’t have time to get bored. Optimal tactical decisions taken under pressure are crucial to win Merc Elite matches. There is a wide selection of weapons to choose from. Because Merc Elite takes place somewhere in the near future, some weapons have futuristic attributes.

There are 5 Merc Elite classes to choose from. Players can take any class they like. In this kind of games, players are encouraged to experience all classes and roles before making a final decision. It’s also easier to defend yourself or prepare an offense when you are familiar with all classes. The 5 Merc Elite classes are: Juggernaut, Assault, Recon, Heavy Gunner and Tactician. Even if Merc Elite is not a MMORPG, some classes have tank, damage dealing or support roles. The Juggernaut is the Merc Elite tank class. He packs some really heavy armor, uses advanced shields and it’s a great choice for those players who prefer melee combat. No one deals damage like the Assault. This class can use a very large variety of weapons. Recon players are fast and deceptive, a bit like rogues/assassins. Heavy Gunners are ranged fighters. The Tactician is a scout gathering info about enemies and he can support the team with airstrikes. All classes are well balanced. A team needs a bit of everything (damage, defense and support) in order to win Merc Elite matches. Those that perform well in battles are accordingly rewarded. Merc Elite is focused on team effort, not solo play.

There are multiple Merc Elite game modes and battlegrounds. Each battleground has a different setting so varied strategies can be used. A Merc Elite team supports up to 10 members. Players get new weapons and superior abilities as they advance. Merc Elite is one of the free browser games. Players don’t need to install or pay anything in order to play it. Merc Elite is a great game for those who like the MOBA genre but aren’t fantasy fans. Merc Elite is all about team based PvP fights with no PvE content.

By Rachel Rosen


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