MechWarrior Tactics has a new developer, Blue Lizard

By Michael Jamias
mechwarrior tactics new developer blue lizard

Canadian developer Blue Lizard has taken the development reigns for MechWarrior Tactics.

MechWarrior Tactics joins the list of titles under the Montreal-based casual and mmo games maker, such as Club Paradise, Nanoland, Witchcraft the Punishment, Megamind and Lost Realms.

The change in developers comes at critical time for MechWarrior Tactics as it transitions from its current closed beta to the open beta scheduled "later this year."

Blue Lizard's takeover of MechWarrior Tactics will not jeopardize its momentum though. The game's publisher Infinite Game Publishing assured as much in its new "Game Pillars" developer diary that shows the graphical enhancements and cleaner UI that is being implemented to the free no download mmorpg amid the developer handover.

Watch the video below:

If anything, the video is meant to reassure fans especially those who have pre-purchased a Founder's pack that the game is in great shape and will forge on stronger than ever with guidance from Blue Lizard.

“The early stages of development built the foundation for what we needed to see from the gameplay and now, working with Blue Lizard, we’re confident that the final stages of development will exceed our expectations and deliver a world-class BattleTech-style game that fans around the world can play and enjoy," said Kelly Zmak, long-time BattleTech fan and president of Infinite Game Publishing, which will be promoting the title worldwide.


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