MechWarrior Tactics first public live match erupts July 10

By Michael Jamias
mechwarrior tactics first public live match

Watch popular YouTube livecasters TotalBiscuit and Angry Joe battle it out in a full-on MechWarrior Tactics grudge match.

The first-ever MechWarrior Tactics public live match will be held on July 10, which will show off the latest closed beta build for the turn-based strategy browser mmo.

The live match will be aired via the Twitch TV channels of both MMO livecasters but it can also be viewed post-broadcast in their respective YouTube channels.

The live match gives a chance for players to catch a glimpse of the newly improved game. Developers recently rolled out upgrades that allow players "a much faster cleaner and efficient way to create and customize both their Mechs and Mech's load outs," said MechWarrior Tactics publisher Infinite Game Publishing.

Fans that watch the live match and want to dive right into the closed beta will need to purchase one of the Founder's Program game packs: Veteran ($20), Elite ($50) and Legendary ($120).

Buying any of the three Founder's Program game packs gives immediate and guaranteed closed beta access, as well as exclusive mechs, items, skins and perks.

The Founder's Program has been extended until further notice, and should continue to be available as long as closed beta is ongoing. Closed beta should last for a good while though with plans to introduce a Scrapper 2.0 and new training systems during this testing phase.

There is no date set yet for open beta, but developers are "at a point in development where we can confidently plot a course towards open beta and beyond," said Kelly Zmak, President of Infinite Game Publishing.


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