MechWarrior Tactics News

mechwarrior tactics new developer blue lizard
Canadian developer Blue Lizard has taken the development reigns for MechWarrior Tactics. MechWarrior Tactics joins the list of titles under the Montreal-based casual and mmo games maker, such as Club Paradise, Nanoland, Witchcraft the Punishment, Megamind and Lost Realms. The change in developers comes at critical time for MechWarrior Tactics as it transitions from its current closed beta to the open beta scheduled "later this year." Blue Liza...
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Jul 31 2013
mechwarrior tactics first public live match
Watch popular YouTube livecasters TotalBiscuit and Angry Joe battle it out in a full-on MechWarrior Tactics grudge match. The first-ever MechWarrior Tactics public live match will be held on July 10, which will show off the latest closed beta build for the turn-based strategy browser mmo. The live match will be aired via the Twitch TV channels of both MMO livecasters but it can also be viewed post-broadcast in their respective YouTube channels....
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Jul 10 2013