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MechWarrior Tactics (MWT), developed by Roadhouse Interactive and ACRONYM Games and published by Infinite Game Publishing, is a turn based free MMO. It can be played in a web browser and it doesn’t require any download or installation. MechWarrior Tactics mixes MMORTS elements with mech gameplay. This means that players control their mech units on a map and the view is RTS specific. Each MechWarrior Tactics player controls a team of 4 mechs. Combat is turn based but asynchronous. Players perform their actions in turns but they don’t have to wait for enemy turn to end before they can select the next action.

Scrap is the MechWarrior Tactics resource won by players after a match ends. Scrap can be traded for STAC (Surplus Technology Armor Container). These are packs that can contain weapons, mech frames, random items for mech customization and a rare mech. STACs are somewhat equivalent to booster packs from trading cards games. Players can also use real money to buy STACs. One of the important MechWarrior Tactics features is mech customization. There are various types of starting mechs. Each one has a background and story according to MechWarrior Tactics lore. They perform different roles and have a unique play style. To keep gameplay balance, no mech is overpowered. There are plenty customization options for each mech. However, there is one trick. The parts and everything you need for customization comes from STACs and each STAC contains random loot. Your mech customization and battle strategy is continually changing depending on what you find in STACs. In a match, a MechWarrior Tactics MMO player can join with a team of 4 mechs. Players can join multiple matches provided they have enough mechs. This is a good strategy to get some fast scraps. If you want to try out and experiment new tactics one match at a time would probably be a better idea.

Deathmatch is one of the most popular MechWarrior Tactics game modes. Developers have plans to add more modes with strategic objectives. MechWarrior Tactics matches should be more than just mech fights. Players need to quickly react and develop winning strategies. MechWarrior Tactics has PvE content for new players. This is a good opportunity to get some XP and learn MechWarrior Tactics mechanics. The real fun is in PvP matches. MechWarrior Tactics browser MMO publisher is also handling MechWarrior Online. Besides the obvious title similarity, both games have the story set in the same sci fi universe. The developing companies have their headquarters in Vancouver. There is no official announcement but all evidence points to a connection between MechWarrior Tactics and MechWarrior Online.

By Rachel Rosen


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